Leading the industry with advanced technology.

Transforming post-consumer PET bottles into the raw materials.

About QC Polymer?

We look to minimise our impact on the environment and provide quality recycled products with a reduced carbon footprint over virgin products.

At QC Polymer, we have invested in state of the art equipment to identify, sort, clean and process PET bottles which will guarantee 100% reuse of these incredible flexible materials. We produce high quality hot washed rPET flake and pellets, through a bespoke design process which includes washing, sorting, granulating and drying PET bottles, performed by industry experts.

Why QC Polymer?

Our factory is run to the highest manufacturing standards and we are committed to using best practice to ensure we continually improve our environmental performance and meet our legal obligations.

Our brand new equipment’s and modern technologies enabling us to supply high quality rPET for both food and non-food applications. We pride ourselves on our clean facilities, quality products.

We are quality management ISO9001:2015, environmental management ISO14001:2015  and REACH certified. We are also registered with the Environment Agency as accredited processors and exporters.

We are also registered with the Environment Agency as accredited reprocessors and exporters and as such can issue both Packaging Recovery Notes (PRNs) and Packaging Export Recovery Notes (PERNs).

Buy, Collect, sort and process industrial quantities of a whole variety of used plastics into feedstocks for packaging companies.
Manufacturing a range of plastic flakes and pellets using specialist plants located in our UK plant.
Sell PET flakes and pellets as specified by packaging and plastic manufacturing companies.

It is all of our responsibilities to ensure plastics are recycled in the best possible way to be able to reuse them time and time again.